Wednesday, 2 October 2013

School holiday weather

I dont know about anybody else in school holidays but my house seems a mess.
The weather is windy, wet and cold {its supposed to be spring} I shouldnt complain the rain is good for the garden.
Im just longing to get outside and so are the kids.
 Im drying all washing inside as even when it isnt raining it seems to be extremely windy to windy to rescue clothes from the ground when the wind blows them away.
 Views from my balcony I couldnt quite capture the rain falling but it was

 In between showers I managed to get down and dig a bit of a garden beside the chook pen which is growing comfrey and some herbs , I will eventually make a path next to it but to much rain today.
 Like I said there seems to be mess everywhere, skateboards, scooters bikes, cards, paper ,pens, movies all over the place. My daughter asked me if I have obsessive compulsive disorder as I always have to have things tidy hmmmm I dont think I do
 Nothing like a good old stew on a cold and windy day and to jump into my pjs by tea time, I am a party animal arnt I.
 It seems pizza has been on the agenda a lot these school holidays its a easy tea as the kids make their own
 My opp shop find for 20 cents {what can you buy for 20 cents these days ]
 That beautiful orange and purple pansy that I posted in a previous blog that was my favorite that I loved the color, WELL guess where it is......... under this cats butt. Instead of looking at flowers I must look at her so she sits on them.
While picking up my chook food today at my usual feed store I picked up this , The local Show is on in one month I hope I get to go.
I hope the weather has improved as Im not liking these wild and windy days at all.


  1. That Stew is looking yummy. Its definately PJ weather (though im a nightie girl myself). Looks like everyone is getting into Shows these days. Naughty Pussy!

  2. Ah yes kids, holidays, wet windy weather equates to unbelievable messes but they are healthy ones. I hope your weather clears a bit but I see from your show brochure you live in or near Ballarat and as we know, spring is so unpredictable in Victoria in the southern areas. Still we can but hope for some sunshine.
    Anne xx

  3. Hopefully the weather will change for you all soon. We have been shaving lovely days and I've been sneaking outside as much as possible.
    Aren't cat's funny hope your pansy survived the sit.
    Love Leanne

  4. Oh the rain! It was sunny at last today, and I think the children spent all day outside.. oh the relief!

    1. I hear you Jo lol , it looks like sun today thank goodness

  5. I hope your weather improves soon! I don't like cold, rainy days unless I can stay at home all day long under the covers :) A big bowl of warm stew helps as well!


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