Sunday, 27 October 2013

Ballarat Open Gardens in Spring

After a morning at the local Market purchasing plants I decided to take a peek at two of the lovely open gardens on display this weekend. There were more but these two are quite close to where I live and after visiting them I wanted to get home into my own garden.

The first garden was The Old Curiosity Shop in Ballarat East.
It dates back to 1855 built by a bricklayer , James Warwick as a modest 4 roomed timber and brick home.
Also a keen gardener and member of the local Horticultural Society, Warwick was involved with many gardens in the Ballarat East area.
Using cast of crockery,glass, ceramic figures and mirror shards, shells, wallpaper samples, architectural ornament and slag a place was found for all manner of things. Children would bring china dolls and bits of crockery.
The work has its origins in the grottoes and shell houses that ornamented the gardens of large English Estates from the 1730s
The current owner has filled the garden with cottage plants and her own artistic flair.

Another garden I visited was completely different I found it amazing I spoke to the owner he said he doesnt plan anything he just decides to build things and his backyard is somewhat of a museum


  1. Im sorry but i think im going to have nightmares about that first garden and thank goodness you showed me the second beautiful one because my radar was just going off everywhere. I cant handle things not structured. I mean no offence as im sure there are people out there who love "clutter" but in the garden????? Its just too too much for me handle and i need to lay down.

    1. Lynda I am just laughing now, I loved both gardens but the first really had me. I have no structure in my garden and I love all the bibs and bobs it was just my style in the garden { not in the house though}. I just didnt know where to look first I could of stood and looked at all the bits and pieces for ages. Now you must go visit the place lol. Im still laughing


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