Monday, 21 October 2013

Beautiful days

 We had a beautiful weekend here in Ballarat, my energy levels are high with all this healthy eating and its great to get outside and burn it off. Mowing lawns , gardening, making paths and little stick fences, nothing fancy just some sticks woven  I need a few more sticks to finish which I will source when I go and visit my Dad who lives in the bush with plenty of gumtrees.

 Cherries starting to form on the cherry tree
 My little belgium d uccles enjoying the sunshine
 Loganberry bushes are looking healthy.

 Almonds getting bigger
 Gizzi enjoying the day.
 Rhododendron putting on a lovely show
 Dianthus lush with plenty of bloom this year
 Roses starting to bud

 Lambs ear I actually love lambs ear it brings back memories of my childhood, Mum had them in her garden so naturally I had to have them in mine.
 Forgive me but I dont know all of my plants and I pop in plants and cant remember what Ive planted eeek.
Not sure if this is geranium or pelargonium.  They also remind me of my Mothers garden I think she actually gave me the cuttings of these.
All in all its been a lovely weekend in the garden


  1. Dear Sharon
    Lovely photos - it looks as though you are going to be enjoying a good harvest of flowers, fruit and veg this year. Your last photo is a pelargonium, but they are still talked about as geraniums, just to confuse things! One of my favourite groups of plants are the perennial hardy geraniums or cranesbills - they are undemanding and flower for so long. Enjoy your lovely garden.
    Best wishes

  2. What lovely flowers! We've just had our first frost, so it's over for us for a time!

  3. What a contrast. Ive just spent 3 days down on the Great Ocean Road and it rained everyday. It didnt bother us but what a difference. Your flowers look great. I dont remember names either but if i go to a nursery with my 84 year old Mum she tells me all their names even their Latin ones. How does she do that???


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