Sunday, 27 October 2013

Im excited

I love getting mail, especially when its parcels like these ones.
I bought two copies of Robyn Clayfield
You can have your Permaculture and eat it to. I cant wait to sit down and have a good read and try out some of the yummy recipes.

Also Lisa Steeles
Fresh Eggs Daily
Beautiful book with lots of fantastic ideas and treat recipes for the chickens.
I am going to be relaxing this evening with some good reading.


  1. Enjoy your new books Sharon. Sounds like my kind of evening.

  2. Oh just admit it will ya! You love to shop as well. Hence the ebay shop. Its just an excuse to buy more stuff and off load what you bought before. You are not fooling me. Since i will likely benefit from some great recipes from the above books, please feel free to continue enjoy your habit and getting your fix.


    1. I do love to shop, not the regular kind of shopping it has to be opp shopping the thrill of finding some unique item. Im not into mass produced items. But Im a sucker for books and these two are very very nice books. Although I love a good craft market. Oh ok then I love to shop lol

  3. I hope you enjoyed your evening, we did not get the promised high wind but the heavens opened and it poured down from around 5.00 pm, it has not stopped yet. We had a lazy, early dinner and slumped on the sofa watching old movies. Lush. Dinner was very naughty, homemade burgers with griddled Mac 'n cheese. and a pile of salad.

    1. That sounds lovely Pam I love the sound of rain on the roof and old movies are my favorites. Sounds very cosy with some comfort food to go with it x


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