Saturday, 5 October 2013

What Im doing

It is nearing the end of the school holidays and today I have been making soy wax melts I have made chai tea and blueberry cheesecake scents, they have turned out quite nice and will make great gifts.

 Blueberries appearing on the bushes
 Big cat look quite pudgy here
 Lawns have been mowed
 I finally found a place for this big old milk can
 Apricot tree filling up
 Today I made some teepee`s ready for my tomato plants when I put them out into garden
 Almonds getting bigger
Magic about to bloom


  1. WOW, another busy few days for you. Are the soy wax melts easy to make? I grew up with goats and would love to have one too, but the backyard is not big enough.
    Anne xx

    1. Hi Anne the soy wax melts are extremely easy. They make the house smell lovely while making them. Goats are just so adorable I will just have to settle with visiting some for now lol xx

  2. Your garden is so much further along in growth of buds and fruit than ours - your spring seems to wake up earlier than ours. Big cat looks just right - smile.
    Love Leanne

    1. HI Leanne Big cat is just right he just looks plump lol.x

  3. I have nets over my fruit trees now after the greedy birds decided to help themselves and leave us very little last year.
    I hope you show us your flower when it blooms proper. Is it an iris?
    The soy wax melts sound heavenly.

    1. Hi Tracy yes I think I may have to net mine Ive seen the birds down the yard kicking around the mulch Im worried they will eat the berries. Yes it is an Iris they are such a magical looking flower when they bloom.
      The wax melts are lovely, think I might have a give away soon with them.

  4. Lovely to see around your garden. What is that plant that is about to bloom?


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