Saturday, 26 October 2013

Big Day Saturday

Well the day finally arrived , I finally have had my garage sale, I havnt blogged all week as I have been working and then after work scanning the house for odds and ends I may of missed to sell at the garage sale.
We were all up early 6 am as the kids had to help out because we split the money we made. I did advertise the sale to start at 8 am but the callers started at 7 am , I didnt mind as they were polite and I was prepared.
 The day was a success and we were all happy with the returns.
Not a great photo but it was early and I was to busy to be taking photos.
 Later in the day my Auntie came over to bring me some plants that she had potted up for me
 While the kids were attending the sale I got into the garden for a little bit
 Broad beans coming along nicely
 Abundance of grapes
 Carrots have taken off, I usually have no luck with carrots but I planted them in a different garden this year and they seem to like this one
 These are the little paths I made last week, still to make more yet
 Potatoes growing nicely
 Hopefully these loganberries are full of fruit and I get them before the birds
 I couldnt resist this picture of Nala such a beautiful gentle girl she is.
 Big cat is the man of the house and he is perched up on the balcony ledge guarding his territory.
 After a big day I cooked Thai fish cakes for tea then went outside to plant a couple of plants but wasnt very successful as leaving two tired children inside was not a good idea.
After Tyler annoying Indy she resorted to kicking him where it hurts, now there is one thing I dont tolerate is fighting children and if I have to come in from outside Im going to crack it big time.
Hence I took the ipads, phone, xbox and the tv.
The first comment was 'Im bored" fantastic I said here is a list of jobs or find something to do mighty quick.
Hence a very quiet relaxing evening playing Uno and making cube art.

This sounds awful but I dont mind the bad behavior as I get to take everything and they play nicely
Hope everybody is having a lovely weekend xx


  1. I have not played Uno since I was in Perth the last time, it is great fun. I hope your sale went well.

    1. Hi Pam I quite enjoy a game of uno, probably as its the only card game I know besides snap or go fish lol.

  2. Did it once and never again. I was to anal by far and practically had an eftpos machine installed. I need to relax a bit more about these things. But then, on the weekend i was driving around town and saw that someone had hired a road works flashing sign (the big one on a trailer) and was advertising their garage sale. Very impressive but i hope that they worked for the traffic control firm or something as it was a little over the top. You are a cheeky Mum and i think that's great. Wish discipline would work on an Aspie.

    1. Wow that road works sign is going all the way. I do have difficulties with my son as at one stage they thought he had aspergers but they diagnosed him with adhd and obsessive compulsive. It can wear me down at times. Give him an inch he will take a mile. What sort of things work for you, if you cant discipline. I know taking things away works in my house but when I take the item sometimes depends how wound up he is I swear the neighbours think I am murdering him.

  3. To tell you the truth i dont know what works. He is 16 and has so much that he thinks he owns everything. He gets very aggressive if "I" try to discpiline him and Hubby (also Aspie) cant handle that so im in a catch 22. Im waiting for maturity to set in as he runs about 4 years behind and im hoping that his new job will give him the routine he needs. I was watching Mythbusters with him yesterday and it was appropriately about cabin fever in Alaska. I really believe that this is what he has at the moment. Everyday i give him opportunities to leave the house but he wont go unless there's something in it for him like a new game etc. Im really nervous about these first few weeks. He is either going to love it or he is going to make my life hell.

    1. That makes it difficult Im not looking forward to teens. Definitely a catch 22 . Eek lets just hope he loves the job . Its so difficult as in jobs and school you always will have your good and bad days lets hope his first few days are good so he isnt put off. He loves military doesnt he, pity there wasnt a military museum near you to go visit. My son would prefer to stay home than go places. He is a bit young to stay home on his own so he has to put up with going places sometimes after taking him I wish I had of stayed home. I told him I want to go to springfest this weekend immediately he told me Im not going ugh. Would Tom take Tilly for a walk. Im sending positive thoughts to you for this week that all goes well.xx


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