Sunday, 23 February 2014

This past week

 Well what a week it was, Tuesday was my birthday which I spent at work until 2 pm then myself and Brett went to Daylesford and Indian for tea by the lake. We browsed around the street which was nice, I love Daylesford.
Some of the gifts I got was the wall hanging above these are reiki symbols which my friend made she has a embroidery business that she does from home and she makes the most beautiful things
This is her facebook page its called Purple Cat Embroidery
Im not sure if you can click on link but type it in and take a peek.
Feel free to like her page.
 She also made me this pillow, she did make a couple of tea towels and hand towels but I have popped them in the wash.
 This is a picture frame she made also, I love this one
 Now my cousin drew this for me for my birthday what a talented artist she is.
 Of course I have posted about this a little earlier as it was a early birthday present from Brett Im still learning how to play this ,it is a Mountain Dulcimer just in case you missed the post.
 I bought myself this and my Dad gave me some cash towards it, now Im not one to buy anything from the adds on the tv, but when the add came on the kids informed me it was really good, my vacuum was not working the best so I got a vacuum and a steam mop deal and I must say this vacuum is the bomb I have never used one so good, the suction is amazing. For example I said to the kids pick everything up of the floor Im coming into vacuum your rooms. Well Teneale left her phone charger sitting in the wall and I didnt see it hence this vacuum is that strong it sucked the whole cord up and snapped it off the charger in the wall then I was banished from her room lol.  I also got some lovely perfume and a few other bits and pieces so I was quite spoilt this year. On Wednesday night we even went to see a chick flick at the movies it was a beautiful movie it was called Winters Tale, we actually were supposed to go and see Robocop....... not really my cup of tea but Brett likes a good action movie, I have no idea what happened but the girl mixed up the tickets and we watched about 15 minutes of the movie before we realized we were in the wrong cinema so decided to stay and sit it out . I was really happy as I loved the movie lol.
 Saturday I went to a tupperware party and I must say its the best tupperware party I have ever been to.
This woman knew her stuff, there were so many awesome things, I was pretty good and just got a couple of things.
Lynda from   Living in the land of Oz.
held the party, this is the first time I have met Lynda and I felt like I had known her for ages , what a lovely family they are. The tupperware party was 10.30 am and we were still talking at 4 pm eeeeek.
Its amazing how you meet such wonderful people through blogging with similar interests.
If you havnt checked out Lyndas blog pop over and have a look

Sunday morning Dad came for a visit and greeted me with all these samosas I must say they are the best I have tasted EVER. Lucky I am back walking again , I got a little lazy for a while.
I did plant some seedlings Sunday afternoon , lettuces, kale, cauli, silverbeet as my garden is looking quite a mess at the moment.
Today went for my morning walk, opp shopped but only got a couple of things and now will do some listing on ebay and thats my catch up for the past week. Now I have to get organized with some menu planning and ebay catch ups.
Hope everybody has a wonderful week xx


  1. I want your Dad to adopt me. No fair - i love samosa. We have a Kirby upright that is 25 years old and it still lifts the carpet off the underfelt. I dont think it will ever die and if something wears out, Hubby replaces the part. Ill be looking for a steam mop once Hubby replaces the carpet with boards. Gosh, he's got a long list of projects lined up. Your friend who does the embroidery is gifted. I know machines do the actual work but its not for novices. Your birthday was certainly celebrated in style and im going to have to meet this Brett of yours. Really - taking you to Robocop? Im like you, i love a chick flick so long as its not some stupid comedy like Bridesmaids with women behaving very badly.

    1. Lol next time you are up this way Lynda hopefully I will have some samosas for you to try. You are so lucky your hubby is so clever you would save so much money with Rob being able to fix a lot of things. Yes you will have to meet Brett. Yes Robocop not really my cup of tea lol but I got a good laugh that he had to sit through my kind of movie lol.

  2. Happy belated birthday - gosh you did get some lovely gifts. That dulcimer is beautiful - I bet it sounds lovely too.

    1. Thank you, yes I was a bit spoilt this year. The dulcimer sounds beautiful it will be better when I can play it a bit better lol.


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