Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Happy Birthday Dad

 Tommorow is my Dads birthday so Happy Birthday for tommorow Dad.
Dad will be 69.
I finished nightshift this morning and since I have to work the next two days dayshift we decided to celebrate Dads birthday today. We were going to get take away but I decided to cut my sleep short and bake a cake and cook a lovely Roast lamb.
Above is the chocolate and zucchini cake I baked and it was delicious.
As we were singing Happy Birthday Dads little tune went
Happy Birthday to you , Happy birthday to you I love rotten eggs I hope you do to ...... lol
we all had a bit of a laugh as Dad has a phobia about backyard chicken eggs... he wont eat them and if he knows Ive cooked with them he tries to avoid it at all costs .
He informs me it has come from his Mother when he was little telling him that eggs have to have a stamp on them and if they dont they are disease ridden ugh.
Strange my father being a chef and wont touch a back yard free range chicken egg , it just doesnt make sense to me lol but none the less we get a bit of a laugh when he eats something here and forgets that it has eggs in it.
 This is a picture of Dad as a little boy with his Mother, I love old photos
 This is our roast tea, we started eating before I realized oh dam I forgot a photo, us crazy bloggers taking shots of everything and Im pretty tired today as 3 hours in two days is not enough sleep for me.
 Dad laughing as he gets his picture taken as the kids always want him to pull faces and do funny things .... which he does then they are in fits of laughter, this is just after he sang himself happy birthday about my rotten eggs .
 Dad has informed me that he thinks Im a pretty good cook but there is one thing I cant cook and thats roast potatoes ..... so today for his birthday I tried extra hard to get them right, so I bought some duck fat to cook them in.
Also only used butter in cheese sauce and on veges

Dad was a baker you see. Also a chef in restaurants for many years, and he has a little joke about different things I mess up. So if he tells me something is nice I know its pretty good as he is a harsh food critic.
Tonight my roast he informed me was the best ever, so Im pretty glad he enjoyed it on his birthday.
So Happy Birthday Dad love you to the moon and back xxxx oooo


  1. How lovely to treat your dad on his birthday ... dinner looks delicious! M x

  2. Thank you Jane, Dad definitely deserves a treat x

  3. I love his funny face, he looks so jovial. That looks like one mean roast and id have to agree with using lard for potatoes. Good on you for stepping up to Dad's high standards. Praise well deserved on that much sleep. Tell him, im still waiting for my adoption papers so he can bake for his "other daughter". You never know! Being one of six kids with two red heads, two blonds and two brunettes, we were always told our fathers were the butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker. So perhaps your Dad was the Baker (Mum must have been a cougar in her time) and he fathered two red heads. Im being so so silly... but i worked 15hrs in front of a computer yesterday and im doing it again today so ill be as delirious as you by the end of the day.

  4. HI Lynda, okey doke I shall make some adoption papers then we can be sisters lol. Hmmm then I will have to share all of his yummy goodies .Thats the funny part about long hours and getting delirious, I often get that way after nights . 15 hours in front of a computer desk geez what were you doing.

  5. Writing financial reports for 3 companies whilst enduring having to make two of my favorites redundant. Needs must but it hurts. You either make more sales (difficult when everyone has put a stop on projects) or you cut costs and the biggest one is labour. Boo Hoo! So so tired..... and a birthday dinner for Tom tonight with 10 and a wedding at 11.30 in Kyneton and then all Sunday with 5 teenagers rampaging around 35 acres at Laser Strike in The Basin. I may find a tree somewhere and snooze.

    1. Oh no that must be hard. A Big Happy Birthday to Tom, wow what a huge weekend I dont suppose your going to fit in a blog post lol. Tom is going to be exhausted by Monday. Ive just spent the last two days taste testing for work both full days,I am exhausted and feeling rather sickly.


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