Sunday, 2 February 2014

Potato harvest

 I havnt grown a whole bed of potatoes before I usually just pull a few odds and ends out of the garden which have grown from peels I have thrown there. But this year I planted seed potatoes a whole bed of them.
Its quite exciting pulling up the plants and to see what awaiting underneath.
I went down the back to water the plants and thought I would just pull up one plant and have a look. But decided to pull out a few more.
I wasnt sure how long they could stay in the ground for or should I pull them all up at once.
After researching the internet Im glad I stopped at this basket full as they can stay in ground until the plants die of more so they harden off. So when we finish this lot I will be down for some more.
 This is the bed they reside in
 This is the soil its a mixture of horse manure, mushroom compost and peastraw
 I dont often cook fried food but the kids informed me these were the best chips they had ever had.
They were yummy , good old fashion chips.

 Now onto another glut we are having which is zucchini and believe me zucchini is going in everything at the moment. I made zucchini fritters, I had never had these but boy were they delicious and the kids loved them.
Zucchini went into enchaladas sorry there are no photos as they were eaten to quickly as they are the kids favorites.
Then yesterday I made two potato pies to use up the potatoes from the garden and in the meat I grated a heap of zucchini, it was delicious and the kids also loved this.
Im loving using up zucchini in all sorts of things at the moment.

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  1. What a delicious post. I love zucchini fritters. They are on my menu for this week.


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