Monday, 3 February 2014

How does your garden grow

 We have had quite a few very hot days and lucky the garden is still coping with the heat, although the grass is looking very sad.
My large apple tree that covers the chook run has lovely apples, I usually stew these as they are quite tart.
 Pumpkins and zucchini running wild.
 Bees busy in the pumpkin flowers
 Pumpkins forming, I have no idea what sort they are.
 Tiny toms ripening.
 Ive finally done something in the garden, I try to avoid doing anything in this heat.
I got to prune my loganberry bush and tie up the new runners
 These are the old canes ready for the compost
 A little greenery on the lawn which I pick for the bunnies
 Blackberries coming along
 This lambs ear survives anywhere, I know its like a bit of a weed but I love it as it reminds me of my Mothers garden as a child
 Roses seem to like the heat.
 Bay tree loves it too
 So does the rosemary
 The grapes seem to thrive
 Little while longer to ripen
 Some more tomatoes
Spaghetti squash, hmm Im not sure what they are meant to look like when ripe as I have never grown them, Im eager to taste them, I hope they are nice as I have a few.

 Four blueberry bushes and only 2 or 3 blueberries a day, its their first year so hopefully they will be more established next year.
 Hollyhocks although untidy are magnificent flowers I love them
 The girls are all doing fine in the heat, they have been a little slack on the laying side of things though
 Worm farm still moist and doing ok, its so easy to forget about it.
I have a fig.  I love fruit trees


  1. Go Girl, your garden is so abundant at the moment. You have done well to keep it all undercontrol and looking so healthy. So much out there, im jealous. I so wished that i worked part time and had more energy at the end of the day to spend more time. I need more beds and trellises so i can emulate my green fingered friend. I noticed that this heat seems to have kept most of the nasties away. Ive been lucky and had no investations of anything.

  2. HI Lynda, I think the garden is quite out of control at the moment its just to hot to do anything out there and not a lot of time. Im looking forward to getting back into it soon. Hope everything is good at your end x


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