Sunday, 16 February 2014


Where have I been this last week.....
Ive been saying goodbye to a beautiful friend.
So unexpected
Last Tuesday I went to work as normal and in the first hour of work I had a phone call from my friends partner to say that my friend Tracey had a brain aneurysm and was now on life support with no chance at all of recovery.
Last week I think I had been in shock with something so sudden to take away a beautiful life Trace was a mother to four children and she was a beautiful friend.
We had many fun times our children were good friends.
Friendships are a wonderful thing its funny how people just click and it doesnt matter if you see each other everyday or once a week or once a month or even once a year.
Im grateful for all my beautiful friends and just want you all to know that I treasure your friendships.
Thank you my bloggy friend Lynda for my text today with some good therapeutic advice lol.
Last time Trace was at my house we picked loganberries together and she was loving my garden, I havnt been out in it to much because of the heatwave and its looking quite tired and dry.
Im going to finish of with a photo of Trace and I then some beautiful flowers from my garden for her.
Heres to friendship xx


  1. Sharon, my heart goes out to you, your friend, her partner and especially the children. Nothing can ease the pain of losing a loved one except time. Kind words are well and fine and may help for a moment, time will tick by and slowly the pain will recede, From my experience I would tell you to talk about her, to her, at every chance. It will help in the long run. Pam xx

  2. Beautiful post Sharon. My heart goes out to her family. I agree with Pam, talk about her and the life you shared with anyone and everyone, especially her children. My father died when i was 10. I was shipped off to a farm the day after and a week later i came back and it was all over and it was like nothing had happened except he wasnt there. I didnt see any relatives, no flowers, no cards, nothing. I have so few memories and images because no one kept him alive. It was like it was "bad" to talk about him. So laugh with them and cry with them and be there as the one they go to when they want to talk about her. It may hurt them at first but you will be letting them know that with you they can be open.

    For a garden that hasnt received much attention, you certainly have some amazing flower to take pics of.

    Im glad to be here to support you.

    1. Thank you Lynda, these are old photos, not much amazing in the garden besides rambling pumpkins and zucchinis. That must of been a very hard time for you. Things were very different then, children didnt often go to funerals. My Dad is still a little old fashion when Mum passed he didnt think it was good idea that kids went to her funeral but I insisted and he is now glad they did. I think it helps them accept what has happened. xx

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, it must have been such a shock for you all. Thinking of you and the family who have lost their mother.
    Anne xx

  4. What a terribly sad time for you and her family. I unexpectedly lost a friend with a young child a couple of years ago. The sadness is still there but I remember the good times often. Thinking of you ... M x

    1. Thank you Jane, yes we had many good times so plenty of good memories xx

  5. So sorry. A tragedy. I lost my friend to a brain tumour when she was in her mid 40's. From diagnosis to the end 3 months. She also left 4 children. Such devastation but wonderful memories. Hugs XX


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