Friday, 13 December 2013

Beautiful things

 My Dad has been very busy this morning baking beautiful biscuits, he is such a good Dad.

 Im starting to fill my dresser with beautiful things that have been tucked away, this trio which I have 6 of was my late Mothers it was given to her as a wedding present from my Fathers Mothers as Dad said that back in those days every woman had to have a lovely  tea set. It is Royal Albert, maybe we can have some high tea`s next year.
 This cute little cup, saucer and plate was my Fathers when he was a little boy it was by Peggy Gisbourne.

 This beautiful book I bought for my eldest daughter when she was little , I fell in love with the illustrations, she used to sit for hours and copy the pictures.

I have been at my place of employment 20 years this year and they gave me a voucher and this is what I bought, just in time for Xmas festivities. My eldest daughter assembled this for me today she did a fantastic job and it was much appreciated.


  1. That is an amazing gift Sharon, for 20 years at my place you get an extra weeks paid holiday, taken at their convenience. Will you be there another 20 do you think.
    I love your treasures, I have quite a few bits of Royal Albert but do not recognise your pattern. The pages of the book are lovely, they would make beautiful prints.

  2. Hi Pam, It was about a weeks wage, the company doesnt give cash we had to buy something then give them receipt and then they reimburse . I figured I love outside and wanted something I could always enjoy. Thinking about being there another 20 years um noooooo I certainly hope not I really doubt if it will be here anyway most of our countries industries end up overseas.
    The pattern on tea set is Braemar, it was my Mothers pride and joy.
    I used to really enjoy reading that Santa book, I said to my son do you want me to read you this book...... he looked at me in horror lol { he is 12}

  3. I love love love ALL your beautiful things. How special to have those items of your parents. The tea set is to die for. Congratulations Sharon on reaching 20 years. You are obviously a much valued employee which is would expect given your work ethics. I think your choice of gift was great, a place to relax after work. Fancy having a Dad that bakes !!!!!! He will come in very handy for that high tea. I expect to be on the list. Just booked 10 days holiday at Ballarat Goldfields for late Jan. Wont be there all the time but mostly (by myself) - its my Christmas present (i asked for) - a rest. Can you organise some mild weather for me. No Scorchers!

  4. Hi Lynda, Yes I have been waiting to find something special to display Mums china.
    My Dad was a pastry cook by trade and a chef so hence my cooking gets the rounds of the kitchen when Dad is around lol. I wouldnt call myself a valued employee but it was nice to get a sum of money for 20 years.
    Oh 10 days what a nice break I hope we get some nice days , what are your plans, will you be site seeing. Must catch up for a coffee. xx

  5. I will be getting up when i want and maybe even having nanna naps - the camper has a queen inner spring mattress, i will be socialising with other happy campers and making new friends (hubby doesnt like it when i do this), i will be reading lots of books under a tree and i will be receiving guests that go home to their air con, their gaming consoles and their no bugs (you know who i am talking about). I will BREATHE!!!!!

  6. I love that crockery! I had a high tea recently when I retired and it was so nice to use the fine china for a change.

  7. I am almost 'blown away' I have the very same tea set and I have treasured it for many years. The porcelain is so fine and delicate but the tea tastes awesome from the bone china tea cup. I have the teapot, sugar basin and milk jug - I bought my set at a closing down sale from a lovely store in Johannesburg, South Africa, it was named 'Ansteys' I have had this set for almost 45 years, thanks to Sharon for the name of the pattern. Love 'all things nice' why not?


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