Monday, 9 December 2013

What Ive been doing

Well once again its been a busy busy week.
 For some people anyway, while Im busy mopping the floor she just stares at me as if to say hurry up.
 I love picking different blooms from the garden
 Every year we get these, I dont really plan on in but its a habit that my son has I swear he will still want them when he is 20
 My early Christmas present, Dad gave me a Bunnings gift voucher, I have never had one of these before, hence today I have sore arms, as I had a carnival with this yesterday.
 Tibetan prayer flags blowing in the wind.
 Loganberries going crazy I have two containers in freezer already, next year I will plant out strawberry runners in this garden as well.

 Just a couple of blooms from the garden
 Fire pit is no more, I decided I didnt like where it was so I moved all the bricks to the berry garden with some left over for another project.
 I love this guy, his name is Sammy he free ranges around the yard and as soon as he sees me coming he runs as fast as his little legs carry him { chooks look so funny when they run } staright up to me to pick him up for his pats. He has started crowing , so far so good.
 Kat likes to keep a close eye on him.
 Nasturtiums growing nicely, great for the chookys.
 My left over brick pile for my next little project.
 Apart from being busy around the house my pocket has been busy dishing out cash. Firstly my car and a flat battery twice in the one week so hence I had to get a new one.
Then I came out to the carport to find this water laying around near my hot water service
 Hmmm its not looking good
 Definitely not looking good , look closely the tank is bending aaaaagh, so tommorow its being replaced from electric to gas hot water, this was on my to do list for next year as I knew it was on its way out as I have had it fixed twice this year and I wanted to change to gas hot water anyway { just not 2 weeks before Christmas}
 Another of my sons traditions is the Christmas gingerbread house , we made it today, the last 2 years I made chocolate and he wasnt that impressed as he loves gingerbread and I must say this gingerbread is pretty yummy.
 TAAAA DAAAA  look whats finished isnt it beautiful I was wrapped, Gaz did a awesome job of this and put so much time into it, so much better than what I would of done. I cant wait to pop everything inside
Thanks Gaz

Last but not least my eldest daughter is home again and Im giving her jobs to do , today was bath and trim the dogs eeeeeek little gizzi is sure trimmed up for the summer, her little tail looks like a little pigs tail. Im not complaining its one less job for me.


  1. Yes, the dresser looks amazing, great find, wonderful makeover.

  2. Wow! I love how the dresser has turned out.I would be thrilled with it.

  3. Phew, glad you posted. Im not sure why but i worry about you all when im not hearing news, when really i should be happy that you are busy and doing lots of stuff rather than posting about it. My son asked for a gingerbread house for the first time this year and he wants to do it with his two little cousins (5 & 2). Im seeing a big mess but lots of fun. Im a bit depressed about Christmas at the moment. There is no Christmas joy in the house just constant chatter about their gifts. There is only 3 of us and no one is interested in decorating or in food for that matter. I yearn for my big family celebrations back home with big roast dinner and family pudding that Mum still makes. Due to Hubby working through the shut down period, we cant go away. Still, im not complaining. Last year he was put off on 21st Dec and was then unemployed for 5 months. I should be full of joy. I love that dark rose. It almost looks like velvet. I bet you it has a strong scent.

    1. Hi Lynda, I have been pretty busy running around after everybody and keeping things together here. Thats sweet Tom wants to make one with his cousins, sounds nice and messy and many lollies consumed. Aw I bet you do miss christmas with the big family, Its funny how christmas get togethers can be a bit of a hassle sometimes Im just having it at home as my lot were a little difficult about going anywhere so I said right I will do it then. So its a bit of an open house who ever turns up turns up. Oh well I bet if you dont worry about food on the day they will complain lol. Tom and hubby have their presents all planned out. There wont be a to many presents here I told everybody they have to be thankful or they would be having cold showers since Ive just payed for the hot water service. We do have to focus on the positives and hubby is very lucky he was able to find a job even though he has to work through shut down I know I was kicking up a stink that they wanted us to work xmas eve.... not this little black duck, Im a stubborn one. That dark rose is on the same bush as the stripey rose called abracadabra the lady did say it may do that, some are stripey and some are plain.
      Hope your feeling a little better xx


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