Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas to all

 I just popped in to say Merry Christmas to my bloggy friends hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year. Here are a few pictures from around my home the last week.
We had a beautiful full moon, also some very hot 35 degree days.
 This Christmas cactus my Mother gave me it has flowered every christmas, I dont even know how old the plant is but Mum has been gone 2 years now and she was sick for 5 before that so its doing pretty good , the flowers are huge.

 Now once again my eldest daughter is back home and in earlier posts I have probably mentioned that she is a tad on the lazy side. Well I dont know what has happened but she has had a turn around, she now is cooking meals, cleaning helping with the kids and low and behold look what she did for me for Xmas {its not finished} she bought a pond and dug it into the garden for me....... please pick me up of the floor. This is a girl who has never been into the shed .

 Apples forming, this tree I dont want to prune as I use it to shelter the chooks to keep them cool on those hot days.
 It shelters the whole pen its wonderful
 Cats sure do have a life, laying around just waiting for food.

 Little Milly always at my feet.
 Im having a problem with little beetles eating my strawberries, Im not happy.
Although the whole top of my freezer is full of loganberries and Ive given containers away of them.
 I have tried to stay in hibernation this last week, Im not fond of Christmas crowds and shopping the car parks are insane. My father had to get his brakes done on his car so I had to take him to do a couple of messages , on my way I stopped at the opp shop and picked this up brand new for $4.00 I know my kids love these and it was a hit for the breakfast sleepover.

 Those hot days we had I bought our rabbits inside and Miss Neve had 4 baby bunnies in the kitchen.
Photos will be in later posts.

 Now , see this garlic HANGING from my balcony. Well my Dad was telling me he heard on the radio how hard it is to get Australian garlic in the supermarket.
I was telling my eldest daughter this , I said I dont know why as its so easy to grow, she then said " yeah how do you grow yours so well from the roof"......... um you didnt just say that nooooooo
from the roof,  I could not believe my ears. I said its hanging there to dry out didnt you see me platting it lol.
 With Christmas comes visiting friends and family. recently we went to visit a friend who had some new pets.
This little piggy "George" was adorable, he is house trained , sits on your knee, opens the back door himself. He is the most beautiful little pet.
 India loved their turtle Sheldon, I think I would rather the piggy.
A friend also bought over one of their little puppies for us to watch , aw how sweet is she. 

 Christmas ham just glazed with lime and macadamias
 One of Teneales delicious dinners she has been cooking, marinated lamb, pilaff, and fresh freens
 Trifle ready for Christmas
 Chicken sausage rolls for nibblies Christmas Eve.
 Gladi`s in abundance at the moment

 Grape vines, does anybody preserve these, I think I would like to give it a go.
 Samson is getting a tad noisy. these belgiums are great free rangers they havnt destroyed the garden at all. I think their fluffy feet prevent them from doing so.

First time ever I made egg nog, this version is alcoholic, and extremely yummy.
I made non alcoholic for the kids.
Well thats my week, no rushing around in supermarkets, I did and early shop yesterday so no crouds.
No last minute gifts, this year is much more simple and stress free, pottering around at home.
Im of to do some cooking, so I hope everybody enjoys the next few days xx


  1. What a lovely post. I can't imagine a hot Christmas but would happily swap for the awful storm we are in the middle of at the moment! Happy christmas! M x

    1. Thank you Jane, hope you are all safe and Merry Christmas x

  2. Awesome Post, you sound so happy. Im loving all of the above especially a child that helps out. Mine told me this morning when i came in from whipper snipping at 6.30 am (Tuesday) that i should have done it on the weekend. Hello, im working everyday and he is at home. I had to mow at 8.30 last night!!!!! Oh well, i think i have everything done. Just a bit of wrapping. Oh, that is one very BIG pretty flower. Have a great day Sharon. Looks like you are all set.

    1. Hi Lynda, yes it sure is frustrating when you work and then come home and work. A little help goes a long way.You certainly do an amazing job.
      Yes think Im set and if not its not going to bother me this year.
      Merry Christmas to you all, hope you can relax and enjoy tommorow xx

  3. Lovely post, the food, the nog, so many beautiful animals. Merry Christmas to you.

    1. Thank you Thrift Deluxe, Merry Christmas to you to xx


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