Monday, 9 December 2013

Tuesdays pictures

 Loganberries are plentiful
 Red Hot pokers make a nice bright show

 My Mother and daughter rose I planted on Mothers Day the year after Mum passed away.
 Kangaroo paw

 Mixture of roses out the front I cant remember their names
 Yummy blueberries not quite ripe

 Oh look see, my one and only tomato so far
 Pumpkins shooting through. I must have finally planted in a good spot this year, fingers crossed
 Comfrey in abundance
 Ive always called these puppy dogs we used to play with them as kids and squeeze them to pretend they were barking ..... the things that amused us
 1958 brochure ..... things look so perfect. Dad found this for me and left it on my bench

It would be nice if supermarkets were still like this


  1. I am so envious of your garden, I console myself with the knowledge that In a few months I will be looking at those very things, well not kangeroo Paws which is a shame as they are so striking. Never mind it will soon be the shortest day and then it is downhill all the way.

  2. Gosh you have a lot of roses. Your garden must smell amazing. Goodness i was a wowser earlier, sorry. Must have had a moment. I ate my first tomatoes in my lunch today. Roll on tomato season. I get one order a week from Australian Farmers Direct for milk, juice, eggs, cheese. This is a token effort to support local farmers so that they are paid a decent price for their produce. It cost more but hey, i was once a farmers kid. It is nice to open the door on a Monday morning and its all there. They must come in the middle of the night because i was getting up to make hubbies breakfast at 4.30 and it was there. I do remember the milkman and his bottles at school but of course our milk at home came by way of a cow and early morning milkings. When we moved to town there was a little corner store not far from our house and the old lady use to run behind the counters and get what you asked for, putting it into a box for you. Very quaint but also a fond memory.

  3. Oh, im sure i commented on this post and you responded. Didnt i comment on the rose. I must be losing my marbles.


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