Tuesday, 17 December 2013

So Proud

 My Baby graduated from grade 6 yesterday, it was hard to hold back the tears. I told him in the morning I may cry, his comment oh no how embarassing.
He did such a good job of his speech and spoke clear and loud, we were all shocked how well he spoke.

 Tyler and India who graduated the year before.
Tyler has had an awesome year at primary school this year, he has made so many friends and is quite sad to move on to secondary school as they will be all going to different schools, but I said not to worry there will be weekends of sleep overs and pool visits [ he spends all his summer at the pool he loves it}
 My little family who I adore, my Mum would be so proud.
 Tyler and his little friend who we helped to get ready, my two girls are a wizz with hairstyles.
He is such a gentleman with the girls when I was taking Maddi home he opened the door for her. I thought aw how beautiful {and thats how it should be} I think living with three girls he has picked up how to charm them, and he certainly can.
 He is a bit a clown, but charming and he is also a handful at times and can really drive you bonkers

 I love that he has made such lovely friends that Im sure he will always have
 Congratulations my beautiful boy, onto the next chapter of your life..... secondary school


  1. Such a milestone to enjoy. Phew, you can now tick primary school off your list. Done and duster, no more. You sound so proud and congrats on raising a gentleman.

    1. Hi Lynda yes Im very proud as I must say he is certainly a challenge x

  2. Before you know it, he'll be picking out Uni courses or choosing a trade! Good job, Mum!


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