Thursday, 5 December 2013

Simple things and

The not so simple things.
Well all I can say is how do people find time to blog regularly . Time has just gone so fast this year and this time of year seems to be busy. 
I'm trying to stay sane in a insane world.
The things that keep me grounded are the simple things
Like walking down the back and picking these. 
Also these girls running to the gate to greet me , they know I have treats . 
Hmmmm I seen this little quote and I quite like it. I must say I'm not overly fussed in my place of work at the moment , unfortunately I have a mortgage and bills that need to be paid. 

It is that time of year when booklists and uniform lists come in and I spend a great deal of time hunting for secondhand items . Oh how homeschool is so much more appealing but since I have to work that is out of the question so hunting for these items I must. 
It's a sad year my baby finished primary school boo hoo
I know I'm going to shed tears and sure to embarrass him .
My daughter finishes year 7 and has fitted in quite nicely 
This child is an old soul she is the sensible one of the family .
My eldest daughter definately makes my stress levels rise. ( boyfriend woes) 
The simple things and the not so simple things certainly make life interesting and keep me on my toes. 
I'm certainly grateful for my little family.
I'm nearly on top of the booklists and can start organizing Christmas .
Yay xx

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  1. I'm finding it more difficult to post regularly this time of year. I also feel guilty if I blog rather than do 'something I should be doing about the house'.


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