Friday, 26 September 2014

Im still sorting

 I have been pottering around all day sorting through different things, doing jobs on my lists.
Of course taking photos around the yard, when you blog the camera seems to get a workout.
This is my pear tree and Im hoping I get a few pears this year,
 The ducks are using my fish pond luckily I dont have any fish as yet.
 New buds on the grape vines
 A to do job. Make laundry liquid. I actually ran out I never run out but I have been that busy that I hadnt got around to making any.
 Just love it when those tomato seeds start sprouting . I have been saving these seeds for about 4 years now
 Finally got around to registering my reiki business . In a couple of weeks I will do a post with the name. By the end of October I will be able to teach Reiki so I will be very busy making manuals.
 Part of todays clean out I have put these up on a local Buy, swap and sell site. I do find it hard to part with things but Im not using them and my children dont want them so they have to go. Im clearing the clutter.

 Some little child is going to have a carnival with this.
 Some vintage books that a collector shall love.
Must not forget to photograph the bunnies ready for new homes.
I have only touched the surface of my cleaning out. So much more to do.


  1. Well done for having a clear out. This is one of the things I find near impossible to do, I'm a bit of a hoarder. :( Good luck with your Reiki business.
    Anne xx

  2. My 'to do' job yesterday was to clean my washing machine. It was disgusting! I have been washing in warmer water and the condensation causes mould to grow over time... yuck!
    I used my miracle spray and got stuck into it with a scourer. Ten minutes later and a quick rinse and spin and it was gleaming again. Note to self: Don't let it get like that again!

    I have decided I am on a 'no spend' binge (apart from normal food shopping and ahem.. summer clothes). No new household items are to be bought! I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets and nice mugs and plates etc.


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