Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Busy week

 Im catching up on blogging pictures from last Friday , I visited a couple of opp shops and my favorite finds were this cook book
 and my Earth garden magazines, oh boy I have heaps of these I may have to do a blog give away soon
 Every time I turn around Alaska seems to have grown she is such a beautiful loving girl
 Im expecting plums this year
 They cut down a tree next door and left all this wood all chopped up nice for me to pop around my garden I still have heaps to cart I think I will get the kids on the job this weekend.
 I also need to get onto making some fences as somebody enjoys a tad of her own gardening ugh digging in my vege garden.

 Oh how I love spring blooms
 the scent of daphne reminds me of being a child as we had this at our front door
 When Im on a health kick everybody is on a health kick even Fathers day lunch is a health kick.
My Dads always comments oh no poor kids. but he did say that was a nice change for lunch as I usually do a roast lamb with veges and cauli and cheese sauce and gravy. This time it was roast lamb greed salad with olives

 Indy having a play with Alaska
I also love the colors of spring


  1. Hope you are giving some of those mags my way. Gosh, Alaska is growing and growing and growing....... You'll need a loan for the food bill soon. Eaak really big ..... to pick up, Yuk. Im in the same boat. My little bamboo fences are no match for Tilly. Im going to have to fence in the low beds and anything planted directly into the soil.

    1. I certainly will send some your way. Magazines that is lol. Not poop and yes they are largish

  2. I hope you enjoy your book, I have it and do use it quite often, The plum blossom looks promising, I am going to buy fruit trees this year and hope for fruit in 2 years time. That is the main thing that I miss from my old home. It is late summer here and I am picking Blackberries, hazelnuts and rose hips daily. I have never seen so many nuts in such a small area, I want to roast some, skin them and grind them to see if they will replace ground almonds which are very pricey.

    1. Hi Pam yes its a beautiful book I was quite excited when I found it as I love River cottage. Wow berries and nuts yummo. I love hazelnuts.

  3. How are your grape cutting going. Im sure one of them has my name on it.

    1. hi there deary Im keeping an eye on them I think a few are starting to bud. Yes one has your name on it and I will also have a sort through my Earth Garden mags


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