Thursday, 25 September 2014

I love Spring

There is something about spring that makes me want to really de clutter and sort through things. My kids call it Obsessive compulsive disorder. Maybe its correct but I really like to sort through everything this time of year. Every room will have a overhall.
Hence that saying a spring clean.
It does take a few weeks to get it all done.
I have started this week
Cleaned out my wardrobe { next is the dressing table}

Cleaned out Tylers room { just need to do his clothes today}

I have given away a dresser and a desk and a bed that we no longer need and there will be more things this week.

I make a list everyday of what I need to do so the job doesnt look to big and daunting

Since I work and have quite a busy lifestyle my front garden has got quite out of hand and I had started pulling out a lot of plants for a makeover but time is just not on my side so yesterday I had a family member over who is a gardener to come and take a look and get him on the job in the next couple of weeks.
I have some photos of the front garden now which Im not putting up yet as its hideous so I will wait until he gets his hands stuck into it so I have some after shots as well to display.

 The thing I also love about spring is the bulbs
 Also just love the spring vege gardens
 Blossoms how I love the fruit trees with all the beautiful blossoms

 Iris starting to bloom some magical looking flowers
 She is still sitting peeps. Oh please bless me with baby chicks
 And still growing.
 Loganberries trailing across the back fence
 Yellow such a happy bloom
 Spring babes looking for a feed
 My guard cat keeping close eye on the chickens
Hummingbird cake this cake is always a huge hit and it didnt last to long in this house.
Well Im of to do some major sorting out on my spring cleaning venture.

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  1. When you have finished your house, come on over to mine, OK. Looking forward to this garden makeover.


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