Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Holiday time

Well Im back, after a beautiful week on the Gold coast Im back to the colder weather. We arrived home late last night.
We had a great time we also had some moments with a challenging child who has ADHD and obsessive compulsive disorder and had to know exactly what we were doing what time we were doing it and how long we were going to be and what time we would be back. Eeeeek I had forgotten what it was like to take this boy out of his routine. Anyway we got through it. We went to Movie World, Sea world , and Wet and Wild.
I didnt take many photos we just enjoyed the moments.
We did also take a trip down to Crystal Castle and Nimbin and boy is that an experience.
We went to Tropical Fruit World which was interesting but no photos we were to busy eating fruit.

 Oh I needed this after 2 hours in the car with someone who doesnt like to travel and the roads were very winding.

 This is Crystal Castle it is just beautiful

 Oh I wish ...... a garden lined with rose quartz
 The little cherub wandering the peaceful gardens .........
 Crystals everywhere.
I did take a photo of breakfast my partner cooked. It did taste better than it looked lol.
I could not stop laughing.
After a beautiful holiday with not that many photos. I was back to it today cleaning cages clipping and bathing the doggies. Cleaning out the fridge, organizing menus so I can do some shopping, vaccuming and mopping . My eldest daughter did mind the house and animals while I was away but not a lot of housework was done.
The pets kept her busy feeding and watering  she told me thats a full time job lol.
Lucky I love it so I dont see it as work. Even cleaning cages is not work to me as I like to see them all spic and span
I shall find some spring cleaning to do this week.


  1. I can just imagine Tyler thoroughly interested in a crystal garden. LOL. Glad you squeezed in some time for you though. I think the next holiday should be just you and your partner. Did YOU go on any of the Wet and Wild rides? I thought i heard a squeal all the way down here. Glad to have you back.

    1. Hi Lynda he liked the crystal shop and the dining area. The deal was this was my day they did theme parks. I did go on a couple of mild rides nothing to scary as not long since I had vertigo. Half an hour after I went on roller coaster it broke down and got stuck and they had to rescue all the people from the top eeeeeek I never went on another ride after that lol. The holiday was lovely but Im very glad to be back home.


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