Sunday, 1 June 2014

Weekend bliss

 After a busy week at work I was glad for the weekend, I did put my name down for overtime and was pretty annoyed that I didnt get it but by the end of the week I was glad I didnt get it. Everything happens for a reason and I would much prefer time at home than 12 hours working.
I finally mowed the back lawn and put all my mushroom compost onto the gardens.
 I took grape cuttings that everyone has been asking me for so I sure hope they grow.
 Potted bits and pieces as well as helped out with some homework for the kids.
 I didnt get around to cleaning the spouts which I will have to asap as water is coming in under the pergola. As Im growing a lawn in the spouts now.
 Rabbit cages cleaned and waste onto the fruit trees.
 Vege gardens topped with mushroom compost
 These little bubbas all have homes except one but they wont be ready to go for a couple of weeks.
 Great weather for ducks as its been raining most of the weekend and everything is GREEN.
 Nasturtium is growing up my nectarine tree hmmm not sure if this is a good idea
 Cant resist a chook photo
 Especially a chooks fluffy bum
 I have mushrooms popping up everywhere as my compost is from a friends mushroom farm.
 These beauties are still blooming
 What Im most excited about is I got three eggs , I know I know its a small thing but my girls have not being doing much for a couple of months I have been getting zilch or one every now and then , I couldnt believe it when there were three there. Hmmmm the smallest things can make our day cant they . I am grateful today for three eggs from these girls and three is my number so there are good things to come xx


  1. All looking so neat. I love a chooks fluffy bum shot as well - what does that say about us? Free Mushrooms! Im just about to order my mushroom compost for next weekend. Problem is i either have to barrow it through the garage and over the deck or around the other side through a small gate and its a hike with a full barrow. Sometimes its more convenient to buy it in bags from Soilworx. Looking forward to seeing all your critters, SOON.

    1. Yay cant wait. my friends have a mushroom farm and this compost comes in blocks so I can carry it to where I want it which is handy.So not really that much hard work.


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