Monday, 16 June 2014

To do lists

I don't know what I would do with out my lists , I make them everyday even at work I make lists of things to do and things to cook. 
Sometimes the lists are a little big and I don't get everything done do I shorten them into achievable things even if it's one thing a day.
Yesterday I finally cleaned my spouts yay. 

Today I finally used all the tomatoes to make sauce.

I think I'm going to have to invest in a larger pot.

All bottled ready to go.
Laundry detergent was made.

Roses were pruned.
Garlic was planted , I only planted half a bed this year as I have a freezer full from last season still. 
I have been busy with bunnies on weekend as the litter of 5 the mother wasn't looking after them and I found them Sunday morning scattered in her cage 3 had died and there were 2 that were cold but still were moving so I kept the close and warmed them up then rubbed some fur from this little nest of bunnies over them so they would smell the same and I popped them into this nest and so far so good this mummy bunny has adopted them , hence I am making many trips up and down the yard checking on them.
Oh look what I found I was super excited with this bargain $25.00 and I can not lift it. I have seen succulant gardens planted in these so this is a little project I picked up. I can't wait to get this happening . 


  1. I could have lifted that but no longer. Boo Hoo. Yes, you have been busy if you have cleared your gutters. How did you do it. I hope you had a spotter holding that ladder. Did you get all round the house or just over the garage. Naughty mummy bunny - i had never heard of them doing that. It would have been a sad discovery. Its great that ive been there now, i can picture it all.

    1. I did the whole house but not the top story I wasnt climbing up there. Tyler held the ladder while kicking the soccer ball ugh, a few choice words were bellowed from the roof at times. I swear the neighbours think Im nuts. Then he decided he wanted a turn so I held the ladder for him.. Yes the naughty rabbit but it can be common in netherland dwarfs they do lose a few litters.
      You will have to come again I promise to feed you next time. lol
      Oh Im loving that book "Living the good life" such a good writer she cracks me up.

  2. I'm a list person too! I forget things otherwise!

    1. I have lists everywhere if I dont write it down it doesnt get done x


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