Friday, 13 June 2014

Sleep eludes me

So It is now 1.40 am in the morning and way past my bedtime. But this week is nightshift week , oh how I've struggled to sleep during the day and silly me decided to put my name down for over time just on the odd chance they may pick me and what do you know I am the chosen one . Oh yippee so I sit here in my break and write my blog as this is the only chance I've had this week as it's been busy busy all week.
Last week on Friday I had a visit from the lovely Lynda from "Living in the land of Oz" go check out her blog.
I'm a terrible host all I served was cupcakes and just got lost in conversation as we talked and talked and talked all day isn't it fantastic when you have all these things in common and the same interests you can just spend hours with out drawing breath lol.
Saturday I went to the Body mind and spirit festival in Melbourne and had a awesome day catching the train with my partner and the kiddly winks dragging them all around but a good day was had by all I have no photos as I forgot my camera and my phone was nearly flat by lunch time . 
Sunday India went to her friends for a sleep over and Tyler did also , my friend sent me this photo of the boys having a ball . I relaxed and watched movies which I highly reccomend. Twelve years a slave and philomena .

Somebody was busy nesting 
She certainly makes a nice big nest
She had 3 beautiful bubbas
On the same day my other bunny also had a litter of 5 healthy kits in this nest.
I couldn't get any photos as it was a little to dark.
I finally got to plant some cauli and broccoli 
As not to much is happening in the garden besides broad beans 

Kale and spinach and the odd potato coming up. I must of missed pulling all the potatoes out last season 
Of course as I have put mushroom compost on the gardens I have these popping up everywhere .
Well that's it for my lunch break I'm back to work hope everyone enjoys their weekend xx


  1. It is nice to hear that you caught up with another blogger friend. Your life sounds like mine at the moment (or always) busy, busy, busy.

    Now aren't they the cutest little bunnies? I miss having bunnies for pets :/

    I never ever got mushrooms from my compost, probably not enough rain or not enough compost. I did however have them pop up in the chook house this year, surely that means that the soil should be in my veggie garden :)

    Have a lovely weekend,


    1. Hi Tania yes I am always busy but I do love it, there are just so many things I want to do that I cant understand the word bored lol.
      It was lovely catching up with Lynda, we certainly meet some lovely people in blogland.
      Hope you have a awesome weekend Im in recovery mode from nightshift

  2. The feeling is mutual Sharon and i can honestly say it was the best day of my holiday. There is mushroom compost that comes in a bag and then there is your mega mushroom compost. Id love a trailer load. That really is a great nest mummy bunny made.


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