Monday, 23 June 2014

Old friends

Well what an eventful weekend it's been, no gardening or anything like that to report so stop reading now as that's not this weeks blog post.
This weekend was a big me time.
Thursday and Friday started of with a beautiful few days completing my reiki master.
What a wonderful feeling it was , reiki has just changed my life I love it.

Then Sunday was my day to catch up with friends I have known since primary school.
Now this photo was taken 25 years ago this is my friend Deb we went to school together worked at 2 different jobs together we shared a flat together, now I have been working with debs sister Michelle for the past 15 years
This is deb myself and Michelle 
We spent a weekend in Melbourne relaxing 
My daughter Teneale drove us and stayed also and my stomach is still sore from laughing

Well I think we completely spoiled ourselves .
Just a dose of cuteness
It's allways good to get home xx
But I had the most wonderful weekend with non stop laughter I think I had panda eyes most of weekend from tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing 
Now back to work xx


  1. What a rocking week you've had. Girl time is the best especially with old friends. Lots of "remember when....." You are looking you gorgeous self as always and Melb City at night looks spectacular. Congratulations on gaining your Reiki Master certification, looking forward to your healing magic. Maybe it would work on my bloody elbow and i could get back out into the garden.

    1. Hi Lynda yes girl time was awesome we dont get enough of it these days.
      You may just have to come back for another visit and a reiki . Hope all is well in your world x


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