Monday, 16 June 2014

A walk close to home

Often I will walk at the local lake but I usually drive to get there. I do love the scenery there but today I thought I would walk some where close to home

I just have to walk a couple of blocks and  I'm on this trail it's actually a lovely walk today I did a bit of a jog then walk as my jogging leaves a lot to be desired but each day I will try to do it for longer.

There is a creek that runs along the trail. 

Plenty of native trees

Some back yards back onto the creek I had to take a photo of this one as I loved it. 

There are seats along the way to rest. 

A table and chairs , I used to bring the kids down here for fish and chips. Think I will drag them from the Xbox and iPad this weekend and come down here I will be so popular I know it .....
On another subjects bunnies are still doing well in their new nest 
I love this one

On another subject again NEVER buy weed mat it is useless . This is on my list of things to do as I'm sick of weeding I'm going to have to rake stones and put somthing else under them as weed mat is a waste of money.
On that note I'm off to work have a great day everyone 


  1. That was an enjoyable walk. Jogging!!! Really!!! What brought that on? I can really see the kids jumping to go on that trip down memory lane. Perhaps the fish & chips at the other end would be enough incentive. Imagine that the residents of that house were looking out and shouting to one another "hey, look at the crazy lady in the back lane taking photo's of our yard, she looks like she just tried to jog for the first time in years, hope she doesn't collapse out there, oh good, she has moved on".

    1. HI Lynda, yes I know jogging didnt last long I had at least 4 goes at it though lol.
      I walked past the house once and thought about taking a photo then on the way back I thought oh why not lol. Trying to get fit for my holiday in August is my motivator.

  2. What a lovely walk. If your kids are anything like mine, they will love it when they get there! M x

    1. I hope they like it. There is nothing worse than enjoying a lovely walk with a nagger trailing along behind you lol

  3. The way you walk is good for health. Beautiful bunnies. They look so cute!

  4. I bought the el cheapo weedmat once. Never again. Waste of money and it is more a hindrance than a help.
    On a happier note, I packaged up and sent a special parcel to you today. It is a little on the ugly side but I hope come summer/ autumn, it will bring you much joy.

    1. HI Tracy I was just thinking of you this morning looking at my dahlias dying off lol. Think next weekend I will dig them up and get the parcel happening for you also. Yay I cant wait thank you xx


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