Monday, 26 May 2014

Busy weekend

 Its been quite a busy weekend here. I have just completed my reflexology course and Im currently in brain overload. So its nice to walk around the garden and take in the small things.
 Things a still blooming here and there
 They are a little late to bloom
 But I dont mind at all
 Bunnies are happy with their garden
 So is my gardening pal
 Plenty of lush green grass
 Keeps them all pretty happy
 Poor Gingy she gets picked on by the larger hens so I let her free range on her own a lot.
 I love orange
 Some people look at fallen leaves and see mess..... I see beautiful mulch.
 Silkies remind me of dogs really, they are super friendly and love to be picked up.
 Puss loves to drink from my pond
 I was looking out the kitchen window and I spotted this dahlia which made me quite excited as I love orange and I didnt even know this bush was planted here. It has crept in under another bush so after it blooms I will have to move it.
 What I am reading at the moment. Im brushing up as in a couple of weeks Im of to do my Reiki Master course.
 This book I bought about 8 years ago , I dont even know why I just bought it. Ive read it a few times in those years but its only now that it all really makes sense.
 I found these two plates at the opp shop this week I dont even know why I bought them I think the colors attracted me. I showed Dad when he came over and he informs me that are French Faience which are Antiques , so for $3.00 each they were a bargain and a half. I shall be selling these on ebay when I get a chance to do this weeks listings.

 I did bake something this week but they didnt last long.
I also made some loganberry and rhubarb jam which was lovely.
Im ready for a rest now as I need all the info from my course to sink in and I will be ready to practice by the weekend hopefully
Hope everybody enjoys their week xx

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  1. Your brain is in overload. What a beautiful walk you've taken us on. I love your "critters" and they all seem well catered for. So looking forward to a reflexology session. Im going to take a week off soon and catch up with you on a weekday when we are both not working.


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