Sunday, 6 July 2014

Im a lazy blogger

NYes I'm a bad blogger . School holidays and blogging just doesn't happen at my house.
I'm catching up on a little ebaying.
I've also spent last few days in Melbourne staying with a friend so the kids have been having fun hanging out with my friends children .
We arrived home and dumped everything on the table and my pets who missed us terribly thought they would make sure we were staying home by sitting on our stuff.

Indy has been busy drawing.

Tyler and my friends son were busy participating in competitions in shopping centres. 
My garden and yard is completely neglected at the moment . I'm going to need a few good weeks outside to have a good tidy up. 
Bunnys are growing nicely . Number 4 on this list is certainly what's happening at my house lately 
Hopefully my next post I will have some gardening reports x


  1. I think you've been doing lots of 5 too, especially with regards to posting. LOL. Love Indy's drawings. Not sure about No. 10 - you'll have to work on me for that one but i think i have No. 9 down pat. Who wrote this list anyway? Surely not a Mother.

  2. bad blogger, I do not think so, Good parent, I know so. Glad you enjoyed your visit, those drawings are ace, my son would have pounced and had one as a tattoo.


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