Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mother's Day

I hope all those mothers out there in blog land enjoyed their day. 
My weekend started of with a few tears on Saturday as this is my third Mother's Day with out my mum and I was feeling the loss all over again. My mother and I were very close and did everything together. Dad said she would make any excuse to get over to my house. We shopped, went on over night trips , did markets , went for tea, anywhere that took our fancy we went to. I read not long ago that your mum is your first love and your first enemy. A funny story about that , I think I must of been around 5 and I had been naughty and mum made me go to bed and I was not alowed to watch young talent time ( my favourite show).
Well the evil child I was took a hair clip from my hair bit of the plastic end bit so it was sharp metal and engraved into the antique bed head MUM IS A BUM. 
Well was I in trouble . To this day I'm constantly reminded of it as only 2 weeks ago we sold that bed and dad went to visit the lady who was restoring it and she said oh yes we had a bit of trouble sanding out the mum is a bum engraved in it. Hence he rang me to tell me. 
This is my mum she wasn't really a bum lol. The things kids say when they don't get their own way.

This is my Mother's Day
We had breakfast at McDonald's 
We went to the mill market ( oh how I love vintage things)
India drew this picture for me she knows how I love elephants. 
The day finished of with Teneale shouting us Thai fusion for tea. Love Thai food.
Not much work got done this weekend but hopefully soon . It's allways nice to get some time out. 


  1. Have you been to Thailand? I can imagine you riding an elephant and being very zen.

    1. No I havnt I would love to visit but I wonder about their training of elephants

  2. I'm sorry your Mother's Day weekend started with tears, losing a parent is so very hard to deal with. She sounds like she was a great Mum and you sounded just a little bit naughty. I'm still having a chuckle over the engraved bed.
    Anne xx

    1. Hi Anne how are you, Yes it certainly was quite naughty but it gave everyone a laugh for years and my kids love the story. Very inventive to chew the plastic off so the hair clip is sharp to so it engraved lovely. Thank god my kids havnt done that to any of my furniture lol. xx


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