Saturday, 17 May 2014

Saturday in pictures

 Nice start to the day some fresh eggs and parsley yum.
 I have no idea how to keep bunnies still for a photo shoot. They are a bundle of beans.

 Milly always loves a photo
 Nala just looks on and wonders what the fuss is about.
 Dahlias are still blooming.
 A laundry basket full of tomatoes , I still have a few plants to pull out tommorow.
 Think some loganberry and rhubarb jam is in order.
 Maybe some Kale chips.
 This is bunny and chook food as Im not overly fussed on silverbeet.
 Just a random shot of the garden
 My beautiful ducky making a nice old mess in the garden.
 Im loving the shade of these grape leaves
 Somebody wants to help cook tea...... or eat it
Finally to sit and relax in peace xx
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


  1. Great post and great photos. Those bunnies are just so so cute. Gosh, that a lot of tomatoes for this time of year. Go pickle those green ones. Blog magic is making the garden look abfab. Yes, i love the autumn grape leaves as well, memories of childhood.

    1. I picked some more today Lynda, Yes I know I have to make some pickles I would of so preferred tomato sauce though but unfortunately they didnt ripen. Poo . Blog magic is awesome , you cant see my un mowed lawn my blackberries sneaking in everywhere and the infestation of weeds lol.

  2. Your garden is looking pretty and productive! Love seeing the photos of your gorgeous bunnies, ducks, Milly and Nala. They provide lots of entertainment and endless amounts of love :)

    1. Thanks Sharon there is always plenty to do around here x


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