Thursday, 15 May 2014

Happy Friday

 Its always a good day after reiki sessions. I love that my clients walk away feeling wonderful and so do I. My reiki room is just so peaceful and beautiful I love it.
 Its a Happy Friday just because ..... well it is.
 The slow cooker is on bubbling away with a Thai pumpkin soup
 Produce is sitting under the pergola just waiting to be eaten.
 Washing is blowing in the wind
 Its Autumn and the leaves are changing, there are so many beautiful colors around the street.
 My broad beans are in. I love these little beauties.
 I know its a hole.... my bunny loves to dig and she has a carnival doing so. Not sure where she thinks she is going but she thinks she is pretty clever anyway.
 Maybe some parley and scrambled eggs for breakfast tommorow
 Some new followers to follow me around the yard
 Now how can anybody not smile when they see these cuties.
 This boy I love he always has a silly look and is such a character he loves to be chatted to. Just his face makes me happy.
 Some greenery
 Dandelions for the bees and the bunnies thats always a happy thought.
 Yellow thats a happy color
So Happy Friday everyone  hope you all have a lovely weekend xx


  1. You have lots of things to be happy about. :)
    Anne xx

  2. Such a lovely way to end the week Sharon. Thai pumpkin soup - Yum
    My beloved car is being fixed today, pick up tomorrow. Someone made boo boo but i get the rear end resprayed so im not complaining. I wore a Ford shirt today just to get up the repairers nose (one of those bloody Holden fans, really?) and they changed it. Wonder if i can get away with it again tomorrow morning. Goodness, that's a big hole for a little bunny. Love the ducks.

    1. Hi Lynda, oh no poor car, your such a stirrer lol . She has actually dug three holes like it. Think she is making a little warren she is so pleased with herself that she has made a huge mess lol.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful bunnies, and such wonderful colours as ever in your phorographs. Thai pumpkin soup sounds amazing.

    1. Thank you Thrift Deluxe xx they are rather cute arnt they

  4. Pumpkin soup sounds yum, that is what I am planning on making for tea tomorrow night. Love all your ducks and bunnies. I am really hoping to get a couple of ducks soon, would love to get a couple of Buff Orpingtons :) Your garden is looking lovely! Have a great weekend!!

    1. HI Sharon good luck with your soup , I had never made it in the slow cooker before but it turned out amazing so I was pretty happy, I love the slow cooker. Buff orpingtons are beautiful they remind me of cochins, nice and big , hope you have a great weekend also xx


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