Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sunday happenings

 The reiki principles, I love them but boy when you have teenagers they are hard to follow.
 Beatrix Potter is just my inspiration.
 Love the little bundles of lavender hanging from the roof.
 A cosy Mummy Bunny.
 Love this boy he is the cutest. He had a great day today frolicking on the grass.

 Under a watchful eye of course.
 I had some mushroom compost delivered and I had some left over broken cement so I made a little garden by the shed where my bunnies are. Not sure what Im going to plant here as yet.
The vege beds were topped up with the mushroom compost and I had a little left over so I popped it onto this garden , most of my beds are a work in progress as I choose the lasagna method of gardening so there is no digging. I just keep layering more and more compost onto them. Im glad I got outside to do a little in the garden today as it has been a little neglected lately. Im going to try and do a little each day in sections so it isnt so daunting. Today I pulled blackberries boy are they a nightmare.
Well hope every body enjoys there week its back to work tommorow xx


  1. Hey, i look like the Mummy Bunny. You are way too skinny to qualify so you'll have to find another fictional character to emulate. Come to think of it, most of the kindhearted, generous, loving and tolerant fictional characters are generously proportioned like moi! Gee thanks Sharon, this is making me feel so much better.

    1. Lol you always make me laugh. But I do so love the Beatrix Potter characters.

    2. My Bestie (and i am thinking of revising that title - LOL) told me today about how she went to her sisters 50th last night over the "other side of town" and remarked how all her friends were so glamorous and then proceeded to marvel at how all her friends were frumpy!!!!! Huh! This was at a time when i was sanding back my latest project (a gift for Gav's 50th) feeling very productive and my diyself and thought, since she has classified both me and herself as unglamorous at least I have a glamorous friend - YOU and i will bask in not being in the sad state of affairs as she.

    3. Lol I am far from glamorous and I think your gorgeous. You always make me laugh. Gav has the big 50 coming up woo hoo. Im thinking about doing his candlemaking workshop with Indy thought it may be a good project for her. I need candles always for my reiki room. If we make them its going to be much cheaper than buying them.

  2. You need a little bunny garden in there, full of veggies that bunnies like :) I plant leafy greens near my chook run, so I can pick some greens for them. My 5 year old is desperate for a bunny, she wants one for her birthday in December.

    1. Hi Alicia I do have a garden that I grow silverbeet and Kale for the chooks and bunnies. Im thinking I might put lavender or something to deter the mozzies. I have a facebook page with my bunnies on it your daughter might like the pictures


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