Friday, 24 June 2016

My new addiction

I've always liked succulents & cacti. I love all plants but I have a diverse range in my garden . I have one garden out the front solely of succulents . Just over the past few weeks. I have taken a lot more interest in the many different varieties & have become a little obsessed with my collection. 

 This is one side of the garden but I plan to fill it so you can't see the stones. 

This is the other side. It's a work in progress . 

My daughter said to me today " mum I have just looked through your eBay & all I can see is succulents " I feel like a naughty child . 
I would love a display like this.
I'm reading Frida Kahlo's garden at the moment . 
Amazing lady.
Anyway I'm off to attend to my succulents in the snow.
Oh did I mention it's snowing in beautiful Ballarat at the moment 


  1. Love your blog. Was excited to see a new entry. I am having a plant obsession at the moment. Have some succulents but virtually putting anything in containers that will fit lol.

    1. Hi Marilyn, I have been rather lazy with my blog lately. But thought I would post my latest gardening obsession. I have just followed your blog, its beautiful.


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