Sunday, 26 June 2016

Over due garden update

Although it's the middle of winter here & there isn't a lot happening in my garden. I'm hoping by spring there will be.
Always this time of year my daphne goes crazy . I love daphne the perfume reminds me of when I was a child as my Nan & Mum both grew this plant 
I can't wait until all the flowers open.
 On the weekend I planted a few bare rooted rose bushes 

As you can see I can't wait for all these to bloom . David Austin roses are my favorite 
There are only a few blooms in the garden at the moment I think these are jonquils ( correct me if I'm wrong ) 

Shabby looking abracadabra rose 

Vege garden is a little tragic but I have a couple of broad bean plants

Mixed lettuce for my Thai beef salad 

This is supposed to be broccoli I have no idea what's happened . Any suggestions would be great 
 More kale . I'm going to make kale chips with this .
 I purchased a kaffir lime tree as I was always buying the leaves for my salad . 
Ok I had to throw in a succulent 
& a pet picture
& a opp shop find for the day
They fit nicely into my cabinet.

Since it's so cold and dreary outside Im using color in my journal . I love these journals . I have kept a diary for years. 
There is always somthing to do
I don't believe in the word bored 

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