Wednesday, 29 June 2016

More planting

I think I will have to ban myself from EBay. 
I'm posting my purchases from today so I remember their names.
Did I mention I love succulents 
Echeveria Black prince

Kalanchoe Humilis

Echeveria "dicks pink"

 Echeveria Runyonii ( topsy turvy)
I planted these straight into my succulent garden.

The ones below I have planted into pots

Pachyphytum Clavifolia

Sempervivum rasberryice 

Crassula Rupestris ssp marnieriana

I also finished the rose garden & planted a couple more. I bought this one as my Mum & Dad bought their first house on Windermere street.

 I planted this one because we always should be thankful .

 This one just because I love the colors 
& this one as I love the movie. 

& a pet picture of course. I was cleaning the windows from inside & couldn't resist a photo of Alaska and gizzy sitting right in front of her . They couldn't see me as I'm sure they would of moved . Alaska just loves the little dogs. 

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