Sunday, 17 April 2016


Just a few recent snaps. Alaska is growing everyday & this is her spot. 

Quite a nice chocolate I bought from the Clunes lolly shop.

 I also went to the Talbot Market and bought these beauty's as well as lilly bulbs .
Not a lot flowering in my garden at the moment . I have work to do .

My dahlias are late blooming . I bought this pretty today to plant .
 This is my only dahlia bloom at the moment 

 I love the deep orange of this rose.

 At least the succulents are plenty 

Bibs & bobs in the garden 


  1. Thats a strange plant in the garden that last pic. Almost looks edible.

    1. lol yes I know. I bought that from the Talbot market, yum yum.


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