Thursday, 30 June 2016

It's freezing

It's certainly freezing at the moment in Ballarat. I don't want to venture out of the  house but unfortunately poor lasky as developed a serious limp so it was of to the vets first thing this morning. Home we went with pain killers & anti inflammatories & a appointment for Monday for X rays $$$$$$$$ oh my poor pocket . 
I have to keep her quiet & the only way to do that is keep her inside. 
So I've potted around the house taking photos of crystals 
Potted a few zebra plants up when I take lasky outside to relieve herself.
 Sat at my computer desk looking out the front window & the freezing cold day admiring all the bits & pieces in the garden .
I've noticed there is stories behind different plants . This geranium I scored at a church opp shop & the lilly above is from my Aunties garden.
This succulent I took from Mum & Dads house when it was sold. I'm not sure of the name I'm waiting to identify it . I think it's some type of aloe. 
It's a great day to be inside 

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