Monday, 21 July 2014

Meet Alaska

 Meet the new addition this is Alaska and she is Indias birthday present. I had forgot how demanding new puppies are. Toilet training , sleeping in their beds alone.  Hmmmm
 Lucky she is just so adorable and she is pretty good so far, its only been a few days though.
 Alaska likes to be around us all the time, her Mother is a Maremma and her father is St Bernard cross Macedonian mountain dog. Yes I know she will be big. I dont think she will be sitting in my chair for much longer.

 India just adores her and so does Tyler.
 The chooks dont mind her either maremmas are natural guard dogs of livestock and I can see this already when I take her into the chook pen to collect the eggs she sits down at the gate and just watches them its so very cute.
 As for the cats they watch her from above
 Im sure she would love them to play with her but they wont be in it.
Milly and Gizzi were quite disgusted with me when I bought her home they have only just started to forgive me. Im sure in a couple of days they will warm to her.
Im not sure what she will do to my garden only time will tell. I think I might make a trip to bunnings to see if I can get some fencing.


  1. Hmmm i DO see fencing in your future. I bought small pickets for the corners and then just used cable ties to attach black plastic mesh in between. I left two sides open on one side and just tie them so i can use it for a gate when i need to tend you plants. Mind you, this keeps a small dog (5kg) out, im not sure about your big fella. Im trying to imagine him lolloping up your steep stairs. You might have some joint issues in your long term future as well. Perhaps he will stay downstairs. Goodness, would you believe Rob asked me what Kale was tonight and your photo looks so healthy. I am growing one but its small. He saw a doco on it at lunchtime and apparently there is a shortage of seeds in the world because everyone wants it.

    1. Hi Lynda I did get your comment but I have been a little slack on the bloggy side of things Im to busy cleaning up poop lol. Yes I will have to keep an eye out for joint issues I taught her how to get up and down the stairs she has managed really well she is such a good little girl at the moment. But she is a machine { a pooing machine} I made Kale chips the other day they were delicious.
      It is super good for you. Hmm I may have to let it go to seed and try save them.

  2. She's very cute but wow, she is going to get big! Fencing will be a good idea, I think!

    1. Yes I think so to as she is a tad clumsy and likes to bite the heads of flowers so I can see this is going to be fun.

  3. i sent a comment, honest, i dont know where it got to.


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