Sunday, 13 July 2014

Weekend happenings

 What a perfect weekend , well my kind of perfect anyway. Im planning a makeover in the garden I dont have any photos as yet as it shall take some time but to give you an idea my front garden is 3 tiers high and it is so overgrown and today we pulled out the whole top tier of plants and apparantly my new name is matron of pain. See I like doing things that are productive but my partner does not, he likes to relax but I find that boring lol. He offered to help out today and his comment was after doing this garden and spending time outside ......... I thought he was going to say he actually enjoyed it but he said "Im looking forward to going to work tommorow " lol. Hmmm well if he complains about work once to me its into the garden he goes.
 Im quite enjoying being at home this week appreciating the spaces in my home, you know those little corners you love filled with books and collectables.

 Saturday night was a full moon so out went the crystals to be charged and cleansed.
 She certainly was beautiful

 It was freezing cold so the perfect weather for a hearty hot stew.
 Sunday the skies were clear and the girls had a lovely free range and enjoyed their day, they still are not laying I have actually bought eggs this week
 Garlic is sprouting
 As you can see I still have not mowed my lawn but the girls have enjoyed picking through the grass, that could be my next job.

 I love the weekend when I clean the bunny cages I know this sounds strange but I do like cleaning cages, I have been putting the waste in the chook pen so it keeps the ground dry as I use wood shavings and straw in the cages and the wood shavings are great for soaking up moisture and keeping the smell free and the chooks love to kick this all around their pens, even though they were free ranging at the time they came back to kick it everywhere. The bunnies get time out in the pens when Im cleaning cages.
 I love this fellow his name is Cadbury he just looks so cheeky all the time
 This little bun Im keeping Im probably going to keep a few from this litter and the word few means Im not sure how many
Having not been able to garden for quite some weeks as been quite a pain and it was getting very unruly.
I picked all the rhubarb today so Im going to make more loganberry and rhubarb jam which has to be my all time favorite now.
I finally got to dig up my dahlias and Tracey if you read this Ive actually packed them ready to post to you. I have been looking at them all the time thinking that you would think I had forgotton you, but no just been a busy bee and havnt done much at all in the yard.
I even pressure washed my driveway today which took hours, I wish it had of reached the roof but looks like I need to hire someone to do that.
Well Im feeling quite content now after getting some garden time.
Hope everyone enjoys their week xx


  1. That does sound like a nice weekend. A little gardening, great food, time to reflect and putting the MAN to work, well done. Yes, your roof does need some professional help - way to pitched for amateurs. Im expecting to be invited for that missing meal and the big reveal of your garden.

    1. Oh Lynda having that muscle power was awesome I bet he is sorry he offered to help out. My garden is going to take a while Im going to do it bit by bit. Im only on the first tier at the moment . Not sure what Im going to put there but I was sick of what was there so it went. lol Yes that missing meal is going to happen what a awesome host I was lol. The rule no talking until after lunch so I dont get side tracked


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