Monday, 29 April 2013

Sunshine and Rainbows

                                 Crazy Week

Well my plan to post more on my blog went down the drain last week, what a crazy week of ups and downs and for no reason really, my friend and I blame it on the full moon which I didnt even realize it was as I was so lost in my own little world.
The term sunshine and rainbows is a saying we use at work when lots of things are going on and people around us are getting mad we say to each other well, they are all sunshine and rainbows today, and the saying has stuck.
The first thing that drove me crazy is some lovely friends were kind enough to give me some wool as India wanted to learn to crochet...... WELL I really should know how to crochet my Mother did teach me and she used to crochet beautifuly, well my effort was a hideous mess, as much as I looked on youtube and blogs, my effort was terrible the kids looked and laughed, so there will be no photos of that task until I master any thing that resembles a square.
I cant even blame kids for driving me mad as they were good, I was just just un motivated to do much at all.
I took Tyler to the Anzac parade which made me quite sad watching all the old soldiers tears were welling up in my eyes I was glad to get home.
Thursday night I decided that was it I will do a reiki on myself and I woke up Friday and my mood had lifted so much, thank goodness.
I need to get some work done , I had plenty of things that had to be listed to ebay, snacks to bake, gardens to weed and piggies to sort out.
I know its Autumn but I really need to spring clean this house.
Im glad I only have two nightshifts to work this week so I can get some organizing done
 The picture above is some of my latest little sheba yaks the three in the back corner I will be keeping, I really love the himilayan colouring . Guinea pigs are such lovely little pets they love company and I only ever put one pregnant pig in with all the other girls as if you put pregnant pigs in together when one goes into labour it can induce the labour of another pig, I learnt that the hard way and the piggy lost her whole litter as they were born to early. The other female pigs will mother the babies and if they still have milk from previous litters they will suckle the young as well, such a cute little community they have going on.
 I can not go anywhere without these girls Nala and Kat, they go to the chook pen they are at the guinea pigs they jump in the pen when the rabbits are free ranging, complete sticky beaks
 Just a picture of my favourite colouring in the sheba yaks he is going to be a lovely boy he is only 3 weeks old
 Big Cat sitting on balcony with Kat and yes thats his name big cat , pretty original in this house
 A couple of months ago India and I had a bit of a paint the eyes are  Indias paintings
This mass of colour is my first effort bizzare I know

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