Thursday, 18 April 2013

Places to Visit


 If you ever get a chance a visit to Mooramong is allways an interesting place to check out, unfortunately no photos are alowed to be taken inside the house, which I have been through about 5 times now and just love. The house was built in the late 1870s just out of Skipton. The house was given to Scobie Mackinnon for his 21 st present where he took up residence here in 1928.
In 1937 while in London at a party he met Claire Adams a hollywood filmstar whom he had a 3 week romance then marrried her then travelled the world for a 12 month honeymoon and came back to live at Mooramong. Imagine the talk in the town at the time.
The house was redecorated to Claires liking art deco hollywood style, very ahead of its times and that moment in time. Pool area, games room, bar, filmstar dressing room.
The house was left to national trust and it is just how Claire left it. Its also a flora and fauna reserve.
There are many stories that go with the house and depends who takes you on a guided tour as to the stories that are told. But its well worth a visit.
 A lot of old relics laying around as you walk around the property as it is 1500 hectare farming property
 Old stables
 I couldnt quite capture the beautiful gardens surrounding the pool area, Claire and Scobies ashes are also buried under the old peach tree by the pool.

 The soldiers settlers shed that homed many, in the freezing cold and the awful hot summers in this tin shed
Quite an interesting lifestyle they led, and were very generous to all those that worked for them, my great Aunt worked for Claire in the kitchen. They would of employed many people in their lifetime.
I would of loved to have seen what happened to all her beautiful clothes and jewellery.

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