Monday, 22 April 2013


Opp Shop find

Did I mention I love vintage, I just happened to be driving past an opp shop and thought well I really cant just drive past and not just call in for a quick look. Oh the colours in these drapes I could not resist, if only they would fit my windows. The vintage material in them I just had to buy them for only $5.00 they were a bargain, not sure what we will make with these as yet but there is a fair bit of material there for $5.00.

This weekend I told the kids we were staying home the next few weeks and we had to find things to do around the house. No ipods or games.
Tylers option was star wars figures, India was a little more constructive and spent the whole day sewing from scraps of material that we have collected from opp shops, and she made this most beautiful cushion, I was quite surprised.
She did ask to go to Lincraft and buy wool as she wanted to learn to crochet but I put a call out on facebook if anybody could help me out with some scrap wool and was lucky enough for a very kind person to trade me some wool for some home grown tomatoes, so now we have some beautiful wool to have a go at a crochet rug, think I will give this a go as well.
I was determined not to go anywhere or spend anything this weekend even at supermarket.
This trying to live simply and spend less is quite a challenge when you have kids, one step at a time, I would like to educate them in enjoying the simple things and not wanting the latest and greatest, and following fads in fashion. Be an individual and enjoy the small things not the mass produced rubbish around today.

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