Friday, 19 April 2013


I just couldnt resist

Who could resist these beautiful birds, they have to be my favourite, Belgium D`uccles
the two girls are mille fleur in colour meaning a thousand flowers and the rooster is a silver mille fleur.
I have been admiring this breed for a long time and these three are kept seperate to my other girls. Im hoping by spring I may have some chicks. The rooster crows but since they are a small bird ( about as big as a crow} he isnt really that noisy at all.
I love watching these three free ranging around the yard. There names are Daisy and Rosemary and the roo is Bernard{ I havnt mentioned that to my father yet as that is his name}

 Now I cant leave my other girls out pictured above is my three silkies the white one is Snowball, Black girl is Lucy and Buff silky is ginger.
The two australorps were hatched by Lucy from some fertilized eggs I bought Henrietta and Hatty, they are no where near as friendly as the silkies, the silkies love a cuddle and a pat.
 My two wyandottes which I just love the colouring of this breed and silver laced being my favourite.
Boris and Bee

The above photo with Kat {short for Katarina} is quite game as she was chased promptly out of pen.
For anyone thinking about getting chickens , they are the most awsome pet, and quite addictive.
They eat the table scraps they fertilize the garden and most of all they supply us in eggs. Although at the moment they are off the lay. So its just time to admire their antics.

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