Friday, 22 March 2013

What Ive been doing

 Ive been lazy with my blogging Ive been to busy with life, my beautiful little sheba yak guinea pigs have had a few litters these are my favourite at the moment ,2 brothers very fluffy just love them.
 Busy opp shopping finding lots of little treasures the other day I found 8 sets of animal salt and pepper shakers all vintage , this is just one set, it must of been somebodys treasured collection as I left another 8 in the shop.
 Spent sometime at the beach we are just loving boogie boarding at the moment, this is my handsome beau.
 And some more opp shopping , I loved this book as a child
 Busy gardening despite the hot weather this is the first year I have had yields of purple grapes my vines a full and they are yum
 One of my favourite oppys
 Allways busy baking a quick treat a batch of scones on a Saturday afternoon with homemade plum jam I made with plums from a friends tree
 This is just a trickle of roma tomatoes from my many plants which were all grown from seeds I saved from last years tomatoes that I grew, I actually didnt even expect them to germinate but they did so there is sauce to be made.
Another Saturday afternoon treat, homemade muslie anzac biscuits, oh so yum.
One more week and its school holidays , should be fun, very pleased with Indias first year at secondary school report, I actually couldnt believe how well she did , every subject was exemplary, so I was a bit excited.
Well done Indy xx

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