Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Selling bits and pieces

This winter weather makes it hard to get outside and do the things that need to be done in the yard.
So today I have decided to trial an Ebay shop for 2 months selling bits and pieces from around the house, and little treasures that I find in my opp shopping travels. Not sure if its going to be worth it but will give it a couple of months, gives me an excuse to have a clean up as I do tend to hoard a few things, over the last few years Ive picked up some vintage clothing and bits and pieces that I was going to have a stall at a local market but never got around to it.
Im really anti big companies at the moment and imported goods from China, everything I pick up seems to be imported ,what gets me is designer or different labels like sportsgirl, witchery and Target and really most clothing shops with a huge difference in prices all their stuff is from the one place .... China.
Me I prefer the opp shop I would prefer to buy second hand and leave out all the large greedy companies.
So my ebay store will be about re-use and recycle.
This is the link to my store if anyone would like to take a browse, Ive only opened it today but I plan on hunting around for some bargains to forward on.
Eventually even get some hand made things on there as my daughter and I make hair clips. In the past I have made jewellery out of vintage bits and pieces so when I find some extra time shall even give that a go, never know what will be on there.

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