Monday, 25 July 2011

Guinea pigs and rabbits

Being a animal lover and trying to become more sustainable nothing much goes to waste in our house.
At the moment we have two litters of baby guinea pigs and they are just so adorable. Apart from being a cute little pet the litter from their cages is great for the vege garden.

Our first litter the poor Mummy was huge and she gave birth to 5 little pigs unfortunately 2 were born dead but the other three have thrived. I was quite worried about the mothers as this was their first litter and they were over 12 months old and after reading a few books they are supposed to have their first litter under 12 months as their pelvic bones can fuse and just read a lot of stories of them not surviving. But both mothers delivered 3 successfully and are lovely little Mothers.

Next on the agenda is our bunnies which we will mate next month. We have 3 beautiful mini lop rabbits, Jett our black buck who is just beautiful with a great personality and Indira a sooty fawn doe and Peaches a blue fawn doe.

Also due to have a litter is a beautiful little white long haired guinea pig. In the picture is her and her mate , he is the father to all the little guinea pigs

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