Friday, 29 July 2011

Finally they hatched

After my black silkie went broody and not having a rooster, I purchased some fertilized eggs, after placing them carefully under her I marked in my diary 21 days and exactly to that date the first chick appeared. I kept picking up eggs listening if I could hear pecking and very faintly yes I did , I thought I was imagining things first and then I could hear cheeping inside the egg , I never knew that i would be able to hear the little chick but yes definately a day before hatching i could hear cheeping , thats when the kids started to get excited.
Unfortunately the first egg I found out of nest with dead chicken laying beside it, dont know what happened if it were ducks or another chicken or cat but I decided to lock the pen with the 2 broody silkies one on chicken eggs and the other on duck eggs.

Later that day went down to find another hatched and all ok, at the moment 3 have hatched and Im waiting on another 2 hopefully all goes well, the kids are so excited and have been in and out the chook pen but I think I have been in there more than them , Im lucky the silkies are friendly and dont mind the attention as we have been lifting them on and off so we can peek and now when we go in the little chicks pop out and come to us, they are just adorable

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