Saturday, 22 August 2015

What I have been doing

So what have I been up to this last 2 weeks.
Well last weekend I completed another Reiki master teacher course.
Why another you say?
I believe we never stop learning, to be a good teacher you must keep learning yourself, I don't really like the word Master , I would rather just use teacher level . 
We learn every day of our lives.

Are flowers not absolute miracles , a few little things are starting to bloom. Just magical 

My Reiki certificate from my wonderful weekend away, completing this course. What amazing energy & Jeremy is a awesome teacher, so knowledgable & a lot of fun. There were many laughs across the weekend.

We stayed at the Boomerang ranch in daylesford which was just picturesque .

They take horse trails, I'm sure I will be back. 
Plenty to see.
Before I left I had to make sure the dogs wernt smelly. Alaska helped .

Two of my student received their Reiki level one with me. I have another level one workshop booked for October .
I love sharing this journey with like minded souls. 

Enjoy your week xx


  1. Congratulations. Ideal location with like minded people. If you tell me there is chocolate cake, im in.


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