Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Not much happening in the gardening department

 This title is pretty spot on. There is not much happening in my garden.
These few pictures of blooms is about all there is. A few jonquils although I have planted quite a few more of these this week as my Auntie just gave me boxes of them.
The one thing I love about winter is the daphne . Oh how I love the scent of this plant. It reminds me of my childhood.

 One tulip has bloomed
 This little sign I found on Mums property {which is for sale} I took it home and painted it and placed it among the bulbs
 Hmmm this looks impressive . The only vege in the garden
 The rest is like this eeeeek. Im getting to it soon
 Now a beautiful massaman curry and guess what the bay leaves are from the garden.
So I am using something I have grown so that counts
 Now this hideous mess, I have had another idea for this spot.
Ive pulled out the grape vine and moved it as Im thinking that I cant seem to keep on top of all my gardens , sooooo Ive decided that this is going to be my zen garden. I will keep one vege garden close to the back door and the other 4 down the back.
 On the weekend I actually got rid of all the weeds, moved the grape vine and dug out some of the dirt and placed it on another vege garden. This garden is going  to have a make over. That will be a future post in weeks to come.
 Fruit trees are budding
 A few nik naks from Mums property are now residing in my garden.
 This is where I moved the dirt to. This will be my only vege garden close to the house.
 Ornaments are thriving,
If not much is flowering I still have the bibs and bobs around the garden to keep it interesting.
Now two blogs in one day Im of to get some house work done xx

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  1. Don't worry Sharon, winter gardens are always a bit bla. Ive done so little gardening I've grown fingernails. Look forward to seeing what you do with this little garden space.


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