Sunday, 30 August 2015

Lazy Sunday

It has been a rather lazy weekend , I'm really looking forward to some Spring weather soon. My garden is terrible mess.
About the only gardening I've done is potted up this fox fern, I've had a few concrete pots & ornaments sitting around for a few weeks now . I bought them in from the house at smythesdale now I have to find spots for them.
I made this little fairy garden as I've had the little agate fairy house for a while .
So much work to be done outside at moment . I need some motivation .
Beautiful blossoms on my almond tree.
Loganberry bushes starting to awaken.
The only thing in my vege garden . The rest is weeds ..... Very long ones .... & lots of them.
Another remnant from Mums garden that I've transferred to mine .
Oh yes I have a couple of lemons on the tree.
The Sunday roast.
Ready for a reiki client tonight , then of to work nightshift boo hoo.
My crystal grid , features citrine for the intent of selling the house ...... A deposit has been placed ... Yay 
Just a bit of light reading over the weekend .
Ready to face the week

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